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IRC connections
> Direct connection to TCP ports 6667-7000
> Static and dynamic web hosting

Cost: ? / month


1) Payment
> We prefer Paypal. If you have Paypal, please choose that method.
> Please select a payment type even if you have other offers.
> This is just your preference. You can choose any of these methods later on.
2) Adsense - If you have any websites that comply with Google's Adsense TOS, and you're willing to place Google ads on it, type the url(s) in the box.
> Ad spaces offered have to be real webpages with at least 50 hits / day
3) Project - If you have a security or science related project that you believe is worthy of free hosting, describe it here. Provide all information that you think might help us to make an informed decision and hopefully get you free service. Examples: frequently updated tech blogs, guides with unique content, open source projects, well constructed security tool collections, etc.
> Please be as specific as possible. If your project has a website, include it.
> If your offer is the website itself, it has to exist already.
> 'Learning', 'testing', and personal tasks are not valid projects.


No free access is given without a valid project or Adsense offer.

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