Shell and Webhosting Features

Web Hosting

  • 20 websites (virtualhosts) allowed with one account
  • Comes with SSH access + powerful shell account
  • Dynamic webhosting for your blog
  • Static webhosting for high traffic and files
  • Unlimited webhosting bandwidth, super fast speed
  • Control panel to set up your virtualhosts easily
  • Spam-free IPv4 subnet for good SEO
  • PHP/CGI/Python support
  • .htaccess for full access control
  • Many useful perl, php, python modules
  • Access to Apache access.log and error.log files
  • Create MySQL databases
  • Daily MySQL backups
  • Secure server environment
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fully prepaid: pay as you go (no contract)
  • Start webhosting from 4 EUR
  • Freedom of speech protected

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Shell Server

  • NOT a virtual server
  • Gigabit connectivity (and actual speed), low latency
  • SSH on standard port 22, allows tunnelling
  • Transparent TOR tunnel for anonymity
  • Direct connection to IRC servers
  • GCC, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, Kaffe, Clisp, GDB, ImageMagick, MEncoder...
  • Many other packages installed (dpkg.txt)
  • FTP, SCP, SFTP, Rsync for file transfers
  • Reasonable and friendly limits for background processes, memory and CPU usage

TOR.HU gives you the best value-to-cost ratio

Suitable for...

  • Hosting java applications
  • Compiling C programs
  • Debugging
  • Moderate vulnerability scanning
  • Eggdrop/isida IRC bots
  • Psybnc
  • Network testing
  • Python, Ruby on rails, Java websites
  • Running your own daemons
  • Custom applications and daemons
  • Compatibility testing
  • Sites with many visitors
  • Anonymous vulnerability testing

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