Setting up a website on

To set up a website on, you will need the following:

  • A domain
  • An FTP software
  • A account

This guide will show you how to set up a website on our servers. In the example, we will assume the following:

  • Your username is "fred"
  • You are using the "plox" server
  • Your domain is
  • You want your website to load for both and

Log in to with the username and password.

Creating a website

Click "Websites" in the top menu. Then, choose "Add new virtualhost".

How to make a website

You have to enter 3 pieces of information on this panel.

  • The name of the web profile (it can be anything as long as you know what it means)
  • Where the files are (or will be) on the server
  • What domains to connect it with

In this example, we put 'fredbook' for the name.
The DocumentRoot has to start with /home/fred, because that is your home directory.
We decided to put our websites in the 'www' directory with the appropriate domain name.
Because of this, the full DocumentRoot is: /home/fred/www/
You can change the www/ part to anything if you prefer, as long as your files are there.

Custom virtualhost

Your web hosting is now ready! To see your domain work, you have to do two more things.

  • Upload a test file named index.html into the documentroot
  • Make sure your domain points to the server's IP address ( in this example)

To upload files, use your favourite FTP software or for an encrypted connection use SCP.
The password for FTP, SQL, and the shell account can be found under your account page when you log in:

Connect your domain with a webserver